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We are always buying bags and accessories!

What Legacy is looking for: vintage designer, vintage handbags, vintage denim (Levi's, Wrangler, Lee), vintage clothing, true vintage (older than 30 years), Y2K, glassware, 80s and mid-century modern end tables, 80s and mid-century modern coffee tables, belts, dresses, coats, fur, leather and some modern resale and new designer.

Clothing must be in excellent condition and freshly cleaned. Please look over items prior to bringing them in to sell. We don't take the following: shoes, hats, appliances, items with stains or rips, snags, broken zippers, missing buttons or in need of repair.

Items must be freshly cleaned and pressed; if you don’t remember the last time you wore it, checking the underarms for deodorant is a telltale sign it needs to be cleaned. Items don’t need to be on hangers but must be ironed, free of animal
hair and neatly folded.

Legacy only buys and sells authentic designer items. All designer items will be authenticated prior to buying. Please allow time for this. Boxes, dust bags and documentation are a great help, but not proof of authenticity. Buying appointments are prefered and can be booked here

Tips to Sell, Donate, Toss:

Depending on what you chose to tackle, just know it’s going to take awhile. But so worth it! Pick a closet, drawer or area. Create three piles. Try to make quick decisions and don’t go back through the piles. Ask yourself, if weather/event appropriate, would you put it on and wear it out the door
today? Right now? On the fence about something? Try to make yourself wear it three times. If you can’t, move it along, it’s not meant to be.

SELL For Legacy this means, perfect condition: no damage or stains; freshly cleaned and pressed.

DONATE Assess the condition. Would you wear it if it fit, etc. Would you give it to a friend? If not, toss.

TOSS Items in bad condition. It’s hard advocating throwing clothes away if it can be re-used. Use an old t-shirt as a cleaning rag.However, sometimes, it can help your stress level to just get rid of it. Having a repair pile is also an option.

Once the closet is empty, give it a through cleaning! Fresh closet, fresh clothes.